What content can I use and post to my subscription page?

When creating content for your subscription page, it's important to understand what your fans are interested in and what type of content they like the most. This can help you create content that resonates with them and keep them engaged as subscribers.

To make the most of your subscription page, consider offering exclusive content that your fans can't find anywhere else.

This could for example include:

► Behind-the-scenes updates

► Exclusive live performance videos

► Videos of recording sessions

► Early access to new music releases

► Sneak peeks of your upcoming projects

► Share the songwriting process 

To best accommodate any creator and artist out there, LimeWire supports a wide range of content and file formats. The platform will allow you to share video files, audio content, images, GIFs, as well as text-based posts with your subscribers.

By offering unique and valuable content, you can build a strong relationship with your subscribers and ensure they stay engaged with your page. Good luck and happy creating!

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