Who owns the content I share in my subscription group?

LimeWire subscription platform is utilizing blockchain and NFT technology to make each piece of exclusive content on the LimeWire platform ownable and tradeable. That means the subscribers can not only see and consume the content, but also own a digital collectible of every photo, video, audio and text post that the content creator publishes while they have an active subscription.

This means that your content can be traded amongst fans and significantly increase in value.

Fans have access to an on-platform library that contains all the pieces of content that they have received from their subscriptions, and will in turn be able to offer these assets for sale to other users of the LimeWire platform as well as on third party marketplaces.

The LimeWire ownership layer is currently based on the Algorand Blockchain, chosen for its scalability and environmental friendliness, as well as Polygon.

This ownership-based content system adds a whole new dimension to the LimeWire subscription platform, and for the first time does not only allow subscribers to view content from their favorite artists, but allows users to directly participate in the long-term success of the creators they support.

Every single time one of your posts is re-sold or traded among fans on the platform, you earn a 2.5% royalty based on the sale price. This ensures that you are adequately compensated for highly performing items, in perpetuity.

Of course, you as the creator still own an intellectual property and trademark to all your content posted in your subscription page. 

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