How do I start my own LimeWire Subscriptions page?

Becoming a creator on LimeWire is very easy. Simply follow these steps to get started:

► Sign up to LimeWire: Simply enter your email address and create a password directly at LimeWire website or follow this link. 

► Enter Authentication Code: For added security, you will receive a 2FA code to the email address you used when signing up. Enter the code in the designated field.

► Click on the black 'Become a Creator' button: You can find this button in the right top corner.

► Become a creator form: You will be taken to a sign-up form where you will enter your display name, username, bio and upload your avatar. 

► Enter Subscription Details: Next, you will enter your subscription details. This includes your monthly price, as well as the option to create an intro video and a short message for fans who join your membership.

► Click on the 'Finish' button: Finally, click on the green 'Finish' button.

Congratulations! You have just become a creator on LimeWire.

With these simple steps, you can quickly and easily become a creator on LimeWire and start building your community and share exclusive content with your fans and subscribers.

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