How does payment work?

No one likes complicated processes. We made it super easy for you to join the subscription page of your favorite creator.  

We accept most of the major credit and debit cards as well as cryptocurrency.

  • For monthly subscriptions --> Credit/debit cards 
  • For yearly subscription --> Cryptocurrency - USD Coin (USDC), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) & Algorand (ALGO). 

How can I access the content of my favorite creator:

You will become a subscriber and pay a monthly fee

    • Subscribers can access and own a digital collectible of every photo, video, audio and post the content creator publishes while they have an active subscription.

If you join the free subscription page, there is no recurring membership fee. You are able to view content in exchange for a one-time fee if you wish to with Pay-per-View feature .

    • You will only pay a one-time fee for the content you want to view and own. When the new content is available in the subscription page, you can choose to purchase it for a one-time payment. 


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