What will I get when I join the subscription page of my favorite creator?

Fans who subscribe to their favorite content creators, artists and brands on LimeWire will get:

  • Access to and own exclusive content.
  • Start direct messaging threads with creators.
  • Purchase limited paid content drops directly through the newsfeed.
  • Communicate with other members within the creator’s community.

The special element of LimeWire Subscriptions platform is that every piece of exclusive content on the platform is ownable and tradeable. The fans who financially support content creator’s work through membership also have the opportunity to participate in the long-term success of the creators. Of course, the trademark & copyright is still in the hands of the creator.

How does it work? 

Fans have access to all the pieces of content that they have received from their creator subscriptions.

They are notified every time new content is posted in the LimeWire Subscriptions page they joined.

The content will appear in the on-platform library.

Fans own a digital collectible of every photo, video, audio and text post that the content creator publishes while they are a subscriber.

They are able to offer these digital assets for sale to other users of the LimeWire platform as well as on third party marketplaces.

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