What are LimeWire Subscriptions?

New LimeWire is the first Web3 subscription platform for artists, brands, creators and fans.

Using LimeWire, you can join a membership page of your favorite creators and enjoy exclusive content available on the platform. Only subscribers can see the content in the subscription group. They also own a digital collectible of every photo, video, audio, and post the content creator publishes while they have an active subscription.

When building LimeWire Subscriptions we asked ourselves - What makes a great membership site? 

Create.     Subscribe.     Own

1. Create

New LimeWire is a platform for content creators, artists, and brands to create membership-based communities for their most passionate fans.

2. Subscribe

LimeWire Subscriptions appreciates creativity. We aim to help content creators build a recurring revenue stream by providing a platform and framework for direct fan membership. Fans receive exclusive content, access to a private community, the ability to directly communicate with the artists and brands they love, and become a part of their journey.

3. Own

Through blockchain technology, we make exclusive content and assets ownable and tradeable, allowing fans to not only consume exclusive content but also to directly participate in the success of the creators they support.

With LimeWire Subscriptions, you can:

  • Join your favorite creator's community.
  • Support them in doing something they love.
  • Enjoy the new, creative content only available on the LW platform.
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