How do I withdraw funds from my wallets?

You can easily withdraw funds via Payment tab.

1. Select the wallet you want to withdraw the funds from and click on Withdraw button.



2. Choose the amount you want to withdraw and manually enter the wallet address. Alternatively, you can select one of your External Wallets


When you click on Withdraw button, you will find the info about balance, how much of your funds are available for withdrawal right away, and reserved funds.

Please find detailed explanation below: 

    • Wallet Balance - This is the total balance of your wallet in the chosen currency, eg. USDC.
    • Available for Withdrawal - This is the maximum amount available for instant withdrawal. 
    • Reserved Funds - Funds from sales where users purchased your NFT using a credit card. The funds are locked for 60 days. 

You can withdraw the amount you see as Available for Withdrawal in your wallets instantly. Reserved funds will become available after 60 days, as this is a feature to protect our users against fraud.

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