What does 'Reserved Funds' mean in my LimeWire wallets?

'Reserved Funds' are the funds from your NFT sales where the buyer used a credit card for the purchase. Payout of funds received from credit card purchases is reserved for 60 days to protect our users against fraud. 

Reserved Funds feature is implemented to safeguard the interest of our users, avoid disputes and eliminate credit card fraud on LimeWire marketplace.

When you list a digital collectible for sale and someone buys it using a credit card, your earnings will only become available after 60 days. You will see the proceeds from credit card purchases in your wallets as 'Reserved Funds'. Until then you can't withdraw the funds or use them to purchase subscription or digital collectibles.



Reserved funds are connected to all your wallets, so you can use your USDC wallet and purchase subscription or digital collectibles on LimeWire as long as you have enough funds in your other wallets to cover the reserved funds amount.

Reserved funds might be sealed in one, two, or all four wallets, depending on the total balance in your wallet(s). If your USDC wallet doesn't have enough funds to cover the reserved fund, we will seal the other wallets. 

You will always see 'Reserved Funds' in USDC currency in all LimeWire wallets - USDC, ETH, BTC & ALGO. If your USDC wallet doesn't have enough balance for reserved funds, it might be locked in your other wallets - ETH, BTC, and/or ALGO. 

After 60 days, if there was no notification of fraud, your earnings will become available to use on the LimeWire Subscriptions or for withdrawal.

You will always see the amount of 'Reserved Funds' in your selected wallet after clicking on the 'Withdraw' button. Please find the example showing the USDC wallet.





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