What is Intellectual Property and how it affects my LimeWire Subscriptions page?

Intellectual property refers to something that is legally protected from outside use or implementation without the consent of the owner. Only the owner of Intellectual Property has the exclusive rights to use it. 

Examples of Intellectual Property can be: copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights, design rights, logos, and many more.   

LimeWire doesn't endorse the use of stolen material and respects Intellectual Property rights. We ask artists uploading content on our platform to do the same. Before posting your content, make sure you are uploading your own material. If someone else owns the rights to it, obtain written consent before you submit your listing. 

Please note any content that is infringing the Intellectual Property rights will be taken down immediately.  

If you are the owner of the material and you believe your content has been used on LimeWire in a way that infringes on your Intellectual Property rights, please notify us and we will resolve this immediately.


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