LimeWire Ad-Revenue Sharing explained.

With LimeWire Ad-Revenue Sharing program, everyone can participate in the success and growth of the LimeWire ecosystem. Every LimeWire user, creator, fan or content promoter can earn $LMWR sharing their favorite content.

LimeWire Ad-Revenue Sharing works in three simple steps:

1) Ad-Revenue Generation

  • Any content posted on LimeWire can generate ad revenue. We calculate the revenue based on the number of views a post generates, so the more views a post receives, the higher the ad revenue.

2) Ad-Revenue Distribution in $LMWR

  • We use the collectively generated revenues to buy back $LMWR tokens from the market and then use these tokens to reward our platform users.

3) Content Views

  • To boost their Ad-Revenue Share, creators, subscribers, and promoters are equally motivated to expand content exposure within and beyond the LimeWire ecosystem, benefitting our community and $LMWR token holders.



You can read more about this in our blog post here

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